A Guide to Growing Mushrooms in Minecraft: Cultivating Normal and Huge Mushrooms

Learn how to grow mushrooms in Minecraft! Discover how to cultivate normal-sized mushrooms and grow huge mushrooms in your own farm. Happy farming!

To grow mushrooms in Minecraft, you can either cultivate normal-sized mushrooms or grow huge mushrooms. Here’s how to do both:

Normal-Sized Mushrooms

  1. Find mushrooms: You can find red and brown mushrooms in various biomes, such as swamps, old growth taiga, mushroom fields, and caves. They also grow in the Nether[6].
  2. Choose a suitable location: Mushrooms can be planted on blocks with a full top surface in light levels below 13 and not directly underneath the sky[9]. Make sure the area is not too brightly-lit (at least 2 blocks away from a torch or other light source) [3].
  3. Plant and spread: Plant the mushrooms on the chosen surface. They will slowly spread to nearby dirt blocks, as long as there are no more than 4 mushrooms of the same type in a 9×9 square[3].

Huge Mushrooms

  1. Find mushrooms: As mentioned above, find red and brown mushrooms in various biomes or the Nether.
  2. Choose a suitable location: You will need at least a 7x7x9 space above the mushrooms for them to grow into huge mushrooms[5]. The ground should be podzol, mycelium, or nylium if you are outdoors[1].
  3. Apply bonemeal: Fertilize a mushroom by applying bonemeal to it. This will cause it to sprout into a huge mushroom[3]. When harvested, it will yield up to 20 mushrooms[3].

Remember that mushrooms can be used for crafting mushroom stew, rabbit stew, and fermented spider eyes, which are essential for potion brewing[10]. Happy mushroom farming!

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