How To Activate STARZ

Learn how to activate STARZ on any device with a simple process involving an activation code and a web browser. Read on for step-by-step instructions. #STARZ #streaming #activate

To activate STARZ on your device, follow these steps:

  1. Install the STARZ app on your device:
    • For Apple TV, download the STARZ Play app from the App Store.
    • For Android devices, go to the Google Play Store and install STARZ.
    • For Smart TVs, access the app store or Play store and install Starz or STARZ Play.
    • For Roku, go to the Channel Store and add the STARZ App/Channel.
  2. Open the STARZ app and log in using your STARZ account details. If you don’t have an account, sign up for a free trial or paid subscription at
  3. An activation code will be displayed on your device’s screen.
  4. On a separate device (e.g., computer or smartphone), open a web browser and go to
  5. Enter the activation code displayed on your device’s screen into the box on the web page.
  6. Click “Submit” to register your device.
  7. The content should now be available on your device, and you can start watching right away[1][2].

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Read How To Watch STARZ On Amazon Prime if you need help after signing up. If you encounter any other issues during the activation process, you can seek help from STARZ’s customer support by visiting their official website and navigating to the “Contact Us” page[3].


STARZ has an app for most devices. For example, there’s a STARZ app for Apple TVPlayStation 4/5 (discontinued), Xbox, Smart TVs & Firestick, Roku, Google TV, and most up to date smartphones.

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