10 Best Jungle Biome Seeds for Minecraft – Java and Bedrock Compatible

Discover the best jungle biome seeds for Minecraft, compatible with Java and Bedrock editions. Explore unique features and jungle temples near spawn.

Here are some of the best jungle biome seeds for Minecraft, compatible with both Java and Bedrock editions. Keep in mind that the exact locations of structures may vary between game editions.

  1. Jungle Island with Ruined Portal and 2 Shipwrecks [1]
  2. Huge Jungle with Jungle Temples – Seed Code: 573398763507649 [2]
  3. Bamboo Jungle Spawn – Seed: 1559701409609232210 [3]
  4. Jungle Temple Spawn – Seed: 3255211245715177001 [3]
  5. Deserted Jungle Seed – Seed: -2106885930557228371 [4]
  6. Seed 404: Vast Jungle with multiple temples and Lush Cave Biome at spawn [5]
  7. Seed 868565861386474240: A Jungle with multiple biomes [5]
  8. Seed 3255211245715177001: Jungle interacting with various biomes [6]
  9. Seed 4923725547689910475: Jungle with badlands, deserts, mangroves, and savannahs [6]
  10. Extreme Jungle with Temple Spawn [7]

These seeds offer unique features, loot, and some even include jungle temples near the spawn. They should work on most versions of Minecraft Java Edition that support jungle biomes. Remember to always double-check the compatibility of seeds with your specific game version before using them. You can read 30 Best Minecraft Seeds for 2023 and Where to Find Them for even more seeds!  Happy exploring!

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