10 Best Piggy Skins in Roblox: From Peppa Pig to the Devil and More

Discover the best Piggy skins in Roblox, from the original to the most popular, like Devil, Mr. P, Skelly, and more. Check out this guide.

There are several great Piggy skins in Roblox that you can choose from, depending on your preferences. Some of the best and most popular Piggy skins include:

  1. Piggy: The original Piggy skin is based on the popular character Peppa Pig, but with a broken eye and blood-stained clothes, holding a killer baseball bat[1].
  2. Devil: This skin features massive red wings, a pitchfork for its weapon, and a soulless red face. It also has one of the scariest jumpscares in the game[2].
  3. Mr. P: The main antagonist of Piggy: Book 1, Mr. P is like Mr. Potato Head fused with the Terminator, featuring a red-eye and a weapon for an arm[2].
  4. Skelly: A frightened-looking pig with a skeleton for its body, Skelly is a horrifying skin in Roblox Piggy[2].
  5. Little Brother: A skin that can be purchased for 50 Piggy Tokens[3].
  6. Mother: A skin that can be purchased for 75 Piggy Tokens[3].
  7. Father: A skin that can be purchased for 100 Piggy Tokens[3].
  8. Grandmother: A skin that can be purchased for 125 Piggy Tokens[3].
  9. Sheepy: A skin that can be purchased for 150 Piggy Tokens[3].
  10. Pandy: A skin that can be purchased for 160 Piggy Tokens[3].

You can also find a community-ranked tier list of Roblox Piggy skins up to Season 6 on TierMaker[4]. Keep in mind that personal preferences may vary, so you might want to explore different skins and choose the one that suits your style and gameplay the most.

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