How to Find and Harvest Bees, Honey, and Honeycomb in Minecraft

Learn how to find and harvest honey from bees in Minecraft! Discover the biomes where Bee Nests spawn and how to create an automated farm. 🐝🍯 #Minecraft

In Minecraft, bees can be found in several biomes, including Plains, Sunflower Plains, Forest, and Flower Forest biomes[1]. They are more likely to be found in areas with a high density of trees, such as Flower Forests[2]. Bees naturally spawn in groups of three inside Bee Nests, which can be found in oak and birch trees within these biomes[3].

Here are the possible biomes where Bee Nests can spawn, from the highest to the lowest chance:

  • Sunflower Plains (5%)
  • Plains (5%)
  • Flower Forest (2%)
  • Forest (0.2%)
  • Birch Forest (0.2%)
  • Tall Birch Forest (0.2%) [3]

Harvesting Honey

To harvest honey, you need to use a glass bottle on a Bee Nest or Beehive when it is ready for harvesting[4]. You can tell if a hive is ready for harvesting by looking for gooey honey spilling out of the beehive[5]. When you use a glass bottle on the nest or hive, the bottle becomes a honey bottle[4].

To avoid angering the bees inside the nest or hive, it is recommended to place a campfire beneath the nest or hive before harvesting the honey[5]. The smoke from the campfire will make the bees docile, allowing you to safely collect the honey[6].

Harvesting Honeycomb

To harvest honeycomb, you need to use shears on a Bee Nest or Beehive when it is ready for harvesting[4]. When the nest or hive reaches honey level 5, the honeycomb is ready to harvest[6]. You’ll know the hive or nest is ready when it’s overflowing with honey[6]. Use the shears to collect three honeycomb items[4]. After harvesting, the hive or nest is reset to empty (honey level 0, with the default appearance) [4].

Automating Honey and Honeycomb Farming

You can use dispensers to automate the harvesting of honey bottles and honeycomb from a hive using a redstone signal[7]. The output of the dispenser must point toward the beehive[7]. For a more detailed guide on creating an automated honey and honeycomb farm, you can watch this YouTube tutorial: [8].

By following these steps, you can find bees, harvest honey, and harvest honeycomb in Minecraft. Remember to be cautious when harvesting honey and honeycomb to avoid angering the bees. Happy beekeeping!


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