How to Activate, Manage, and Use a Walmart Gift Card

Learn how to activate, manage, and use a Walmart gift card with this guide. Get tips on checking your balance, saving card info, and more.

Activating a Walmart gift card depends on its value and type. For eGift Cards, no activation is required, and they can be redeemed right away. For plastic gift cards worth less than $250 or bulk orders of fewer than 25 cards, no activation is necessary[1]. However, if you have a plastic gift card worth $250 or more, you will need to activate it. You can do this online by following the link sent to you via email or by calling Walmart’s customer support team at 1-800-411-7942[1].

Logging In to Your Walmart Gift Card Account

To log in to your Walmart gift card account, visit the Walmart gift card login page[2]. You will need to enter your gift card number and expiration date to access your account.

Managing Your Walmart Gift Card

To check your Walmart gift card balance, you have several options:

  1. Online: Visit the Walmart gift card balance check page[3]. Enter your 16-digit gift card number and the PIN code. For eGift cards, the PIN is found in your confirmation email. Click on the “Get card balance” tab and proceed to the next step. Click the “Submit” button, and the balance details of your card will be displayed[4].
  2. In-store: Visit your local Walmart store and ask an employee to check your gift card balance for you[4].
  3. By phone: Call Walmart’s customer service at 1-888-537-5503. Follow the instructions provided by the customer support and choose a helpline extension for the card balance. Enter your gift card number and wait for a customer care service representative to inform you about your Walmart gift card balance[4].

Using Your Walmart Gift Card

You can use your Walmart gift card at any Walmart store, Sam’s Club, or online at and[5]. To use your gift card online, enter your 16-digit gift card number and the PIN code during the checkout process[6]. The deduction should appear in your purchase summary.

Please note that Walmart gift cards cannot be used for promotional purposes, marketing, advertising, or other promotional activities[5]. They can be used for personal or business gifts.

Saving Walmart Gift Card Information

You can save up to five Walmart gift cards (plastic and/or eGift cards) to your account at any given time[5]. Saving a Walmart plastic gift card to your online account does not limit you to using the gift card online. You can use Walmart and Sam’s plastic gift cards and eGift cards at any retail or other locations[5].

Getting a Free Walmart Gift Card

There are various ways to get a free Walmart gift card, such as participating in promotional offers, surveys, or cashback programs. Keep an eye out for these opportunities to earn free gift cards.

Walmart Gift Card Terms and Conditions

For more information on the terms and conditions of Walmart gift cards, visit the Walmart Gift Card Terms and Conditions page[5].


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