How to Breed Cats in Minecraft: A Step-by-Step Guide & List of All Cat Types

Learn how to breed cats in Minecraft with these simple steps. Find out how to obtain different cat breeds and create a cat farm. Discover 11 unique cat types!

To breed cats in Minecraft, follow these steps:

  1. Find two tamed cats: First, you need to find two tamed cats. Cats can be found in villages and witch huts. To tame a stray cat, hold a raw fish (either raw cod or raw salmon) in your hand and stay still until the cat gets close enough. Feed the cat until hearts start appearing, and it has a collar[1].
  2. Feed the cats raw fish: Once you have two tamed cats, you need to feed them raw fish, either raw cod or raw salmon[2]. You can easily find these fish in the game[3].
  3. Enter love mode: After feeding the cats raw fish, they will enter love mode[2].
  4. Wait for the baby kitten to spawn: A baby kitten should spawn within a few seconds after the cats enter love mode[2]. The kitten will have a pattern of either one of its parents or a combination of both[4].
  5. Breeding cooldown: The parent cats cannot breed again for the next 5 minutes[4].

Now you know how to breed cats in Minecraft. You can use this knowledge to create a cat farm in survival game mode or on Minecraft servers. Cats are not only cute but also useful for protection against other mobs when tamed[2]. Read below to learn about the different Minecraft cat types! 


Types of Cats In Minecraft

There are 11 types of cats in Minecraft, each with unique colors and patterns. Here’s a list of all the cat types in Minecraft:

  1. Black: black with orange eyes[1].
  2. British Shorthair: silver with yellow eyes[1].
  3. Calico: white, dark brown, and orange with blue and yellow eyes[1].
  4. Jellie: gray and white with gray-green eyes[1].
  5. Persian: creamy with blue eyes and flat faces[1].
  6. Ragdoll: white and soft amber with blue eyes[1].
  7. Red: orange and white with green eyes[1].
  8. Siamese: white and pale brown with blue eyes[1].
  9. Tabby: brown and white with green eyes[1].
  10. Tuxedo: black and white with green eyes[2].
  11. White: completely white with light blue eyes[3].

To obtain different cat breeds in Minecraft, you can either tame a stray cat or breed two tamed cats[4]. Unfortunately, there is no specific method to breed a cat of your preference, but you can find various cat variants while exploring the world across several biomes in the game[4].


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