how to breed villagers in minecraft

Learn how to breed villagers in Minecraft by providing shelter, food, and beds. Follow these easy steps and protect them from zombies. Read on.

To breed villagers in Minecraft, follow these steps:

  1. Enclosed location: Lure two villagers to a certain enclosed location[1].
  2. Trap the villagers: Trap the two villagers close to each other by building a structure around them[1].
  3. Provide beds: Ensure there are enough beds for every villager, plus one extra bed for the baby villager[2]. For example, if you have two villagers, you need three beds.
  4. Give food: Collect and throw food in front of each villager until they have enough food in their inventory. They need at least 3 bread, 12 carrots, 12 potatoes, or 12 beetroots[1]. This will make them willing to breed.
  5. Willingness: Villagers will breed if they are willing, which is usually dependent on having enough food and shelter[1]. Trading with villagers can also increase their willingness to breed[3].
  6. Wait: Once you have provided food and shelter, the rest of the process is up to the villagers. If they are willing, they will breed and produce a baby villager[1].
  7. Growth: The baby villager will grow up in about half an hour[2].

These steps work for both Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions[1]. For Minecraft Java version 1.13 and earlier, the breeding capacity is determined by the number of doors rather than beds[4].

Remember to protect your villagers from zombies and other threats[4]. You can also automate the breeding process by creating gardens for villagers to harvest crops and place them in their inventory[5]. Read how to create an automatic villager breeder in Minecraft for more information.


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