how to create an automatic villager breeder in Minecraft

Learn how to create an automatic villager breeder in Minecraft with these easy steps. Build a farm, place composters and beds, and transport villagers!

To create an automatic villager breeder in Minecraft, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a location: Select a suitable location for your breeder.
  2. Build the farm: Create a 9×9 farmland of dirt and use a hoe to make farmland for carrots or potatoes. Break the middle block of the farmland and place water so the crops can grow on the farmland[1].
  3. Place composters: Place two composters above the water source to create a farming station for farmer villagers[1].
  4. Add beds: Place three beds near the farm for the villagers to sleep and breed[2].
  5. Trapdoors and water stream: Create an exit system using trapdoors to lure baby villagers into a water stream and then into minecarts[3].
  6. Transport villagers: Bring two farmer villagers to your farm and ensure they have access to the composters and beds[2].
  7. Provide food: Throw enough food (carrots or potatoes) at the villagers to make them willing to breed[2].
  8. Wait for breeding: The villagers will breed and produce baby villagers, who will be lured into the water stream and then the minecarts[3].
  9. Collect baby villagers: The minecart system will transport the baby villagers to a separate area where they can grow into adult villagers[3].

You can follow the video tutorials by LogicalGeekBoy[4], Easy Minecraft 1.19+ Villager Breeder Tutorial[2], or Minecraft Infinite Villager Breeder Tutorial[5] for a visual guide on building an automatic villager breeder in Minecraft. Of course, you can read how to breed villagers in minecraft if you prefer to do it the old fashion way.


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