How to Get Crunchyroll Premium for Free with a 14-Day Trial

Learn how to get Crunchyroll Premium for free with their 14-day free trial offer. Follow these simple steps to sign up and enjoy their content responsibly.

To get Crunchyroll Premium for free, you can take advantage of their 14-day free trial offer. Here’s how to sign up for the free trial:

  1. Visit the Crunchyroll website[1].
  2. Click on “Try Free Premium” or “View Premium Plans” on the website header[2].
  3. Choose the membership plan you’d like to try[2].
  4. Click the “Start 14-day free trial” button[3].
  5. Create an account by entering your email address and creating a password[2].
  6. Enter your credit card information or use your PayPal account[4].

Please note that after the 14-day free trial, you will be charged for the subscription plan you chose unless you cancel before the trial period ends.

It’s important to be cautious when looking for alternative ways to access Crunchyroll Premium for free, as some methods may involve sharing account information or using unauthorized services, which could lead to security risks or violate Crunchyroll’s terms of service.

Remember that using someone else’s account or sharing your account information is not recommended and may result in the suspension or termination of the account[5]. Always follow Crunchyroll’s terms of service and enjoy their content responsibly.


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