How to Get Spotify Premium for Free or at a Discounted Rate: Legitimate Methods

Looking for ways to get Spotify Premium for free or at a discounted rate? While there are no permanent solutions, there are temporary options to explore. Read on for some legitimate methods.

There are no legitimate ways to get Spotify Premium for free permanently. However, you can take advantage of free trial offers, discounts, and other methods to enjoy Spotify Premium temporarily. Here are some ways to get Spotify Premium for free or at a discounted rate:

  1. Spotify Premium Free Trial: Spotify offers a 1-month free trial for new users who haven’t tried Premium before[1]. You can sign up for the trial on the Spotify website by clicking “Premium” and then “START FREE TRIAL”[2]. If you choose PayPal as your payment method during the sign-up process, you may be eligible for a 3-month free trial[3][4]. Note that these offers are only available for new users who have not activated a Spotify Premium account before.
  2. Multiple Free Trial Accounts: You can create multiple Spotify accounts using different email addresses and payment methods to take advantage of the free trial multiple times[5]. However, this method may violate Spotify’s terms of service, and you risk losing your playlists and saved music when switching between accounts.
  3. Spotify Premium Duo or Family Plan: If you have a partner or family members who also want to use Spotify Premium, you can subscribe to the Premium Duo or Family plan, which offers discounted rates for multiple users[1]. The Premium Duo plan costs $12.99 per month for two users, while the Family plan allows up to 6 users for a higher monthly fee.
  4. Spotify Premium Gift Cards: You can ask someone to gift you a Spotify Premium subscription using a gift card[2]. This method depends on the generosity of others, but it’s a legitimate way to get Spotify Premium without paying for it yourself.
  5. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription: If you have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, you may be eligible for a free Spotify Premium trial[6]. This offer is subject to availability and may change over time.

Please note that using Spotify Mod APKs, Spotify++, or other third-party apps to get Spotify Premium for free is not recommended, as these methods may violate Spotify’s terms of service and potentially expose your device to security risks[3][7]. It’s always best to use legitimate methods to enjoy Spotify Premium and support the platform.


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