how to make a minecraft villager trading hall

Learn how to build a Minecraft villager trading hall in just a few steps! Follow these tips and tricks to create a well-designed and secure trading space.

To build a Minecraft villager trading hall, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a location: Find a suitable location for your trading hall, preferably close to your base or a village.
  2. Gather materials: You will need building blocks, job site blocks (such as lecterns, grindstones, and blast furnaces), beds, minecart rails, minecarts, and powered rails.
  3. Design the layout: Plan the layout of your trading hall, including individual cells for each villager, their job site blocks, and a rail system to transport villagers to their designated cells. You can find various designs on YouTube, such as the Ultimate Minecraft 1.19 Villager Trading Hall Guide[1] or the 7 best villager trading hall designs in Minecraft[2].
  4. Build the structure: Construct the trading hall according to your chosen design, ensuring that each cell has a job site block and a bed. Make sure the hall is well-lit and secure from hostile mobs.
  5. Transport villagers: If you don’t already have a villager farm, create one by breeding two villagers in a closed space with beds and feeding them bread, carrots, potatoes, or beetroots[3]. Once you have enough villagers, transport them to the trading hall using minecarts and the rail system.
  6. Assign jobs: Place villagers in their designated cells, and they will automatically claim the job site block in their cell. You can change a villager’s profession by breaking and replacing the job site block until they offer the desired trades.
  7. Trade with villagers: Interact with the villagers to trade items and level them up. As they level up, they will offer better trades and unlock new items.
  8. Optional – Zombie discounts: To get better trading deals, you can convert villagers into zombies and then cure them. This will grant you discounts on their trades[4].

Remember to keep your trading hall well-lit and secure from hostile mobs to prevent any accidents. With a well-designed trading hall, you can easily access various trades and obtain valuable items such as enchanted books, armor, and tools. Happy trading!


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