23 EASY Steps To Make A Wool Farm In Minecraft

Learn how to create an automatic wool farm in Minecraft. Follow these steps to set up a dispenser, observer, and hopper system for efficient wool collection.

To make a wool farm in Minecraft, you can either make a manual farm or an automatic farm. A manual farm involves leading sheep to a fenced area near your base, while an automatic farm involves placing an observer under a dispenser containing shears. The sheep triggers the observer and dispenser, which shears the sheep and drops the wool into a hopper. Here are the general steps to make an automatic wool farm:

  1. Dig a hole that’s two blocks wide and one block deep.
  2. Put a hopper and a slab atop the chest.
  3. Create a 3×3 block platform around the hopper and chest.
  4. Place down a dispenser facing horizontally.
  5. Lay down grass blocks 1 block lower and one block in front of the dispenser.
  6. Place an observer under the dispenser.
  7. Place a block behind the observer.
  8. Place a redstone torch on the side of the block.
  9. Place a block on top of the redstone torch.
  10. Place a hopper minecart on the block.
  11. Place a chest next to the hopper.
  12. Place a rail on top of the hopper minecart.
  13. Place a powered rail on either side of the hopper minecart.
  14. Place a redstone torch on the side of the powered rail.
  15. Place rails on top of the powered rails.
  16. Place a block on top of the hopper minecart.
  17. Place an observer facing down on the block.
  18. Place a dispenser facing down on the observer.
  19. Fill the dispenser with shears.
  20. Place a block in front of the dispenser.
  21. Place a sheep in the hole.
  22. Wait for the sheep to eat the grass and trigger the observer and dispenser.
  23. Collect the wool from the chest.

There are many video tutorials available on YouTube that show how to make an automatic wool farm in Minecraft[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][15]. Be sure to check out the videos below if you need more help building your wool farm!

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