How To Share Disney+ With Friends And Family

Learn how to share Disney+ with family and friends! You can gift subscriptions, create personalized profiles, or share your password, but with some limitations. Discover all the options here.

Here are some ways to share Disney+ with friends and family:

  1. Share your password: You can share your email address and password with whoever you want to, number depending[1]. However, it’s important to note that Disney+ does not allow account sharing between households[2].
  2. Share using a Disney+ gift subscription: You can gift an entire subscription to someone else, which is a great way to share Disney+ without sharing your password[3].
  3. Create personalized profiles: You can create personalized profiles for your family and friends, which allows them to access Disney+ content on their own devices[4].
  4. Use social features: Disney+ has some fun social features like SharePlay and GroupWatch that allow you to sync your account with others and watch content together[2].

To share Disney+ with friends and family, log in to your Disney+ account and click on your avatar in the upper right-hand corner of the screen[5]. From there, you can create personalized profiles, gift a subscription, or share your password. However, keep in mind that Disney+ does not allow account sharing between households, so it’s important to share your password only with those who live with you[2].


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