how to troubleshoot issues with using image IDs and decals in Roblox

Learn how to troubleshoot common issues with using Image IDs and Decals in Roblox. Get solutions for decal not showing up/loading, custom decals, and more.

Troubleshooting issues with using Image IDs and Decals in Roblox can involve several steps, depending on the specific problem you are facing. Here are some common issues and their solutions:

  1. Decal not showing up: Make sure you are using the correct Image ID instead of the Decal ID. You can find the Image ID in the URL of the image’s page on the Roblox website[1][2][3].
  2. Decal not loading: This could be due to Roblox moderation, or the image might not have been approved yet. Wait for some time and check if the image gets approved and starts loading[4][5].
  3. Custom decals not working: Ensure that the custom decal is un-moderated and has passed moderation. Also, check if you have purchased the decal if it’s on sale[6].
  4. Decal not working in a specific game: The issue might be related to the game’s settings or script. Check the game’s script for any errors or issues related to loading decals[7][2].
  5. Decal not working with a specific script: Make sure the script is compatible with the type of image you are using (Image or Decal). If the script only works with Images, you might need to convert the Decal to an Image[8][9].
  6. Unable to upload images through Studio: Try uploading the image via the Roblox website, then copy the Image ID and use it in Studio[10].

If you still face issues with using Image IDs and Decals in Roblox, consider seeking help from the Roblox Developer Forum or Roblox Support. They can provide more specific guidance based on your situation and the issue you are facing[11][1][7][4][12][13][2][3][5][6][8][9]. Read Roblox Image IDs and Decal IDs: A Compilation of the Best Options for Customizing Your Games


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