how to use enchanted books in minecraft

Learn how to use enchanted books in #Minecraft to add enchantments to weapons, tools, and armor. Follow these simple steps and obtain them in various locations.

Enchanted books in Minecraft allow you to add enchantments to certain items, such as weapons, tools, and armor. To use enchanted books, follow these steps:

  1. Make an Anvil: Craft an anvil using three iron blocks and four iron ingots. Place the iron blocks in the top row of the crafting grid and the iron ingots in a T-shape below them[1].
  2. Place your Anvil: Put the anvil on the ground and interact with it to open the anvil menu[2].
  3. Put the item you wish to enchant in the first box: Place the item you want to enchant, such as a weapon, tool, or armor piece, in the first slot of the anvil menu[3].
  4. Put the Enchanted Book in the second box: Place the enchanted book with the desired enchantment in the second slot of the anvil menu[2].
  5. Drag the enchanted item to your inventory: The resulting enchanted item will appear in the third slot. Drag it to your inventory to complete the process[2].

To obtain enchanted books, you can find them in various locations throughout the Minecraft world, such as chests in bastion remnants, desert temples, dungeons, mineshafts, pillager outposts, underwater ruins, and woodland mansions[4]. You can also acquire enchanted books through villager trades or by fishing[1]. Additionally, you can enchant a book yourself by placing it on an enchanting table, which requires lapis lazuli, a book, and the necessary experience points[5]. Read how to make your own enchanted book minecraft if you need more information.


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