How to Use GPT-4’s Multimodal Capability in Bing Chat: Steps and Applications

Discover the power of GPT-4 in Bing Chat. This AI model can process text and image inputs, making it a versatile tool for various applications. Learn how to unleash its multimodal capability and explore its potential in generating human-like text.

GPT-4 is a powerful AI language model that can generate human-like text and understand both text and image inputs[1][3][6]. It has been integrated into Microsoft’s Bing Chat, which is free to use but has some limitations, such as being limited to 15 chats per session and 150 sessions per day[1]. However, Bing Chat’s integration with GPT-4 allows users to take advantage of its multimodal capability, which enables it to process both textual and visual inputs[4]. Here are some steps to use GPT-4’s multimodal capability in Bing Chat:

  1. Launch Microsoft Edge and open Bing on your computer[2].
  2. Click on “Chat” in the top-left corner of the Bing homepage[2].
  3. Once you are in Bing Chat, you can ask GPT-4 questions and provide it with image or video inputs to generate responses[4].

Here are some things you can use GPT-4 for in Bing Chat:

  • Ask it questions about a wide range of topics, such as science, history, or current events[5].
  • Provide it with an image or video and ask it to generate a description or answer questions about it[3].
  • Use it to generate text for a variety of purposes, such as writing articles, emails, or social media posts[5].
  • Ask it to summarize a long article or document[5].
  • Use it to generate creative writing, such as poetry or short stories[5].

It should be noted that while GPT-4 is a powerful tool, it is not perfect and can still make mistakes[6]. However, its ability to understand both text and image inputs and generate human-like text makes it a valuable resource for a wide range of applications.


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