how to use lanterns in Minecraft

Learn how to use lanterns in Minecraft to light up your structures and keep hostile mobs away. Find out about placement options and types of lanterns.

Using lanterns in Minecraft is an excellent way to provide light and decoration to your in-game structures. Lanterns emit a light level of 15, which is slightly more than torches and on par with glowstone, campfires, and redstone lamps[1]. They can be placed on top of blocks or hung below them[2]. To use a lantern, follow these steps:

  1. Select the lantern: First, make sure the lantern is in your hotbar. If it’s not, open your inventory and move it to one of the hotbar slots.
  2. Placement options: There are two main ways to place a lantern in Minecraft:
  • On top of a block: Right-click on the top surface of a block to place the lantern on it[2].
  • Below a block: Right-click on the bottom surface of a block to hang the lantern from it[2].
  1. Lighting: Once placed, the lantern will automatically emit light, functioning similarly to torches[2]. Lanterns do not burn out and can help keep hostile mobs away at night[3].

Lanterns can be found in various locations in the game, such as snowy tundra villages and bastion remnants[4]. You can also trade with Apprentice-level librarians for lanterns in exchange for emeralds[5]. Additionally, there are two types of lanterns in Minecraft: the regular lantern and the soul lantern, which has a blue flame texture and emits less light[6].


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