How To View iPhone Clipboard History

Have you ever used the copy and paste feature on your iPhone? What about finding the iOS clipboard history to get a bit of important information? Couldn’t find it? Unfortunately, there has never been (and there is not currently) any way to retrieve clipboard history on iOS devices. There is no default clipboard history app on iPhones. No worries, though! This article teaches you how to view your iPhone’s clipboard history. There are two ways to view the clipboard history on your iPhone:

How To View iPhone Clipboard History
How To Find Clipboard On iPhone

Method 1: How To Find The Clipboard History On Your iPhone

The fastest way to get access to a ‘sort of’ clipboard on your iPhone is to:

  • Open the Notes app on your iPhone
  • Create a new note
  • Tap and hold any area until a pop-up appears.
  • Tap on Paste to paste and save a copied item.

This way is free. It is not as convenient as using an app (see below), but it is free. All you need to do is, every time you copy something on your iPhone, go to the note and paste it there if you need it later. But, like everything nowadays, there’s an app for that! This brings us to method 2!

Method 2: Use An App To Find Copy History On iPhone

Several apps on the App Store allow you to view multiple items saved in the iOS clipboard. The most popular option is Clipboard++. This app lets you keep your clipboard entries for later use. Easily access them at any time. Pair with Chrome and send and receive data clips directly from your iPhone and browser. Install the Clipboard++ App. Start it. Copy away and open the app when you want to view your copy history. There are other iPhone clipboard history apps, but this one has the highest user ratings.

The Wrap Up

There is no default iPhone clipboard history app. But, you can still use other apps to access your copy and paste history on your iOS device. The two easiest ways are through the Notes app or the Clipboard++ app. Hopefully, in the future, Apple will allow users to see their copy/paste history without the need for third-party apps or tedious workarounds.

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