A Beginner’s Guide to Minecraft Potions: Recipes, Brewing Equipment, and Modifiers

Discover the world of Minecraft potions with our brewing chart and table. Learn about ingredients, effects, and how to modify potions for max benefits.

Minecraft potions are bottled liquids that apply a magic-like effect to the user for a limited time. They come in various types, with some having positive effects, others having negative effects, and some being neutral[1]. In this article, we will explore the world of Minecraft potions, including a brewing chart and table to help you create the perfect potion for your needs.

Brewing Equipment and Ingredients

To start brewing potions in Minecraft, you will need the following equipment and ingredients[2]:

  • Brewing Stand: Used for brewing potions.
  • Blaze Powder: Fuels the Brewing Stand.
  • Glass Bottles: Contains the potions.
  • Water source: Cauldron or Water block.

The base for all potion recipes is the Water Bottle, which can be created by right-clicking on a water source with a Glass Bottle in your hand[2].

Common Brewing Ingredients And Where To Find Them

To brew potions in Minecraft, you need to gather various ingredients. Here is a list of common ingredients and where to find them:

  1. Nether Wart: Found in the Nether, can be farmed on Soul Sand.
  2. Blaze Powder: Crafted from Blaze Rods, dropped by Blazes in the Nether.
  3. Fermented Spider Eye: Crafted from Spider’s Eye, Brown Mushroom, and Sugar.
  4. Ghast Tear: Dropped by Ghasts in the Nether.
  5. Glistering Melon: Crafted from Gold Nuggets and Melon Slices.
  6. Glowstone Dust: Obtained by mining Glowstone in the Nether.
  7. Golden Carrot: Crafted from Gold Nuggets and Carrots.
  8. Gunpowder: Dropped by Creepers and Ghasts.
  9. Magma Cream: Crafted from Blaze Powder and Slime Balls; also dropped by Magma Cubes in the Nether.
  10. Pufferfish: Obtained by Fishing.
  11. Rabbit’s Foot: Dropped by Rabbits.
  12. Redstone: Obtained by mining Redstone Ore.
  13. Spider Eye: Dropped by Spiders and Cave Spiders.
  14. Sugar: Crafted from Sugar Cane.

As mentioned, you will need a Brewing Stand, Blaze Powder to fuel the Brewing Stand, Glass Bottles to contain the potions, and a water source (Cauldron or Water block) to create the base for all potion recipes, which is the Water Bottle.

Minecraft Potions Brewing Chart

Here is a table of some common Minecraft potions, their effects, and the ingredients required to brew them:

Potion NameEffectRecipe
Awkward PotionNo noticeable effectNether Warts + Water Bottle
Mundane PotionNo noticeable effectCommon Potion Ingredient + Water Bottle
Thick PotionNo noticeable effectGlowstone Dust + Water Bottle
Potion of HealingInstantly restores healthGlistering Melon Slice + Awkward Potion
Potion of RegenerationGradually restores health over timeGhast Tear + Awkward Potion
Potion of Slow FallingDecreases falling speedPhantom Membrane + Awkward Potion
Potion of Fire ResistanceGrants immunity to fire and lavaMagma Cream + Awkward Potion
Potion of SwiftnessIncreases movement speedSugar + Awkward Potion
Potion of StrengthIncreases damage dealt in direct combatBlaze Powder + Awkward Potion
Potion of LeapingIncreases jump height and reduces fall damageRabbit’s Foot + Awkward Potion
Potion of LuckImproves chances of obtaining rare lootN/A
Potion of Water BreathingAllows breathing underwaterPufferfish + Awkward Potion
Potion of Night VisionProvides clear vision in the darkGolden Carrot + Awkward Potion
Potion of InvisibilityRenders the user invisibleFermented Spider Eye + Potion of Invisibility
Potion of WeaknessDecreases damage dealt in direct combatFermented Spider Eye + Water Bottle
Potion of PoisonInflicts damage over time on the targetFermented Spider Eye + Awkward Potion
Potion of SlownessDecreases movement speed of the targetFermented Spider Eye + Potion of Swiftness
Potion of HarmingInflicts instant damage on the targetFermented Spider Eye + Potion of Poison
Potion of DecayInflicts the Wither effect on the targetN/A
Splash Potions*Throwable potions that have an immediate effectGunpowder + Regular Potion

Note: N/A indicates that there is no specific recipe for that potion or the recipe is not provided in the given information.

* Indicates a variation of other potions.

Note: This table is not exhaustive and only includes a selection of common potions. For a complete list of potions, refer to the image chart below and the sources provided at the end of the article. Read 

Modifying Potions

You can modify potions to enhance their effects or duration using the following ingredients[3]:

  • Glowstone Dust: Increases the strength of the potion’s effects.
  • Redstone Dust: Increases the duration of the potion’s effects.

Additionally, you can create splash potions by brewing gunpowder with any potion. Splash potions can be thrown and spread their effect for a few blocks around where they land[4].

Brewing Process

To brew a potion, follow these steps[5]:

  1. Place a Water Bottle in the Brewing Stand.
  2. Add Blaze Powder to fuel the Brewing Stand.
  3. Add the base ingredient (e.g., Nether Wart) to create an Awkward Potion.
  4. Add the specific ingredient for the desired potion effect (e.g., Glistering Melon for Healing).
  5. Optionally, add a modifier ingredient (e.g., Glowstone Dust or Redstone Dust) to enhance the potion’s effects or duration.

Remember that practice is key when it comes to brewing potions in Minecraft. Keep experimenting with different ingredients and combinations to discover new and powerful potions to aid you in your adventures[2].

minecraft potion recipes Chart (Image)

minecraft potion recipes chart
Minecraft Potion Recipes Chart [6]

easiest potions to make in minecraft

Here is a list of some of the easiest potions to make in Minecraft, considering the availability of ingredients and simplicity of the brewing process:

  1. Potion of Swiftness: This potion requires sugar, which can be obtained from breaking sugar cane found in almost every in-game biome. To make this potion, create an Awkward Potion by adding Netherwart to a Water Bottle in the Brewing Stand, then add sugar to the Awkward Potion.
  2. Potion of Healing: To make this potion, create an Awkward Potion and add a Glistering Melon, which can be crafted using a melon slice and gold nuggets.
  3. Potion of Poison: This potion requires a spider eye, which can be obtained by killing spiders. Create an Awkward Potion and add the spider eye to it.
  4. Potion of Strength: To make this potion, create an Awkward Potion and add Blaze Powder, which can be crafted from Blaze Rods obtained by defeating Blaze mobs in the Nether.
  5. Potion of Night Vision: This potion requires a golden carrot, which can be crafted using a carrot and gold nuggets. Create an Awkward Potion and add the golden carrot to it.

Remember that to make potions in Minecraft, you will need a Brewing Stand, Blaze Powder, Glass Bottles, and a water source nearby (Cauldron or Water block). Start by creating a Water Bottle by right-clicking on a water source with a Glass Bottle in your hand. Then, follow the three steps to make a potion: create an Awkward Potion, add an effect ingredient, and optionally add a modifier ingredient to enhance or extend the effect.


Minecraft potions offer a wide range of effects that can help you in various situations, from combat to exploration. By understanding the brewing process and ingredients, you can create powerful potions to enhance your gameplay experience. Use the brewing chart and table provided in this article as a reference to help you craft the perfect potion for your needs. Happy brewing!

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