A Guide to Minecraft Villager Jobs and Their Associated Job Site Blocks

Discover the different jobs that villagers can have in Minecraft and how they benefit players. Learn about the 15 jobs and their associated job site blocks.

In Minecraft, villagers have various jobs that provide different benefits to players, such as trading items and resources. There are currently 15 villager jobs, including the unemployed and nitwit villagers. Here’s a list of the Minecraft villager jobs and their associated job site blocks:

  1. Armorer: Blast Furnace – Trades armor and related items.
  2. Butcher: Smoker – Trades various meats and food items.
  3. Cartographer: Cartography Table – Trades maps and related items.
  4. Cleric: Brewing Stand – Trades potions, enchantments, and other magical items.
  5. Farmer: Composter – Trades crops, food, and farming items.
  6. Fisherman: Barrel – Trades fish, fishing rods, and other fishing-related items.
  7. Fletcher: Fletching Table – Trades bows, arrows, and other archery items.
  8. Leatherworker: Cauldron – Trades leather armor and related items.
  9. Librarian: Lectern – Trades books, enchanted books, and other literary items.
  10. Mason: Stonecutter – Trades stone, bricks, and other building materials.
  11. Shepherd: Loom – Trades wool, banners, and other textile items.
  12. Toolsmith: Smithing Table – Trades tools and tool-related items.
  13. Weaponsmith: Grindstone – Trades weapons and weapon-related items.
  14. Unemployed: No job site block – Can be assigned a job by placing a job site block near them.
  15. Nitwit: No job site block – Cannot be assigned a job and has no trades.

To assign a job to an unemployed villager, place the corresponding job site block near them, and they will change their profession and appearance accordingly. If you break a used job site block, the villager will become jobless but will keep their profession if they have been traded with before[1][2][3][4].

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