New Mobs in Minecraft 2023: Sniffer, Camel, and Squirrel – Detailed Guide

Minecraft players got a treat in 2023 with the introduction of three new mobs - Sniffer, Camel, and Squirrel. Learn more about each of them here.

In 2023, Minecraft introduced several new mobs to the game, including the Sniffer, Camel, and Squirrel. Here’s a detailed explanation of each mob:

  1. Sniffer[1][2][3]:
    The Sniffer is a passive mob that won the Minecraft Live 2022 Mob Community Vote. Described as an “ancient mob,” it was considered extinct until players could revive it by unearthing its eggs from deep underground and hatching them. Sniffers do not spawn naturally and can only be hatched from Sniffer eggs found through archaeology. They are capable of sniffing out and digging up seeds for new plants in Minecraft. To obtain a Sniffer, players need to find their eggs underwater or in suspicious sand blocks, alongside other items like pottery shards. Once hatched, the Snifflet will grow into a Sniffer that will sniff the ground, seeking out plants and seeds for players to collect. The Sniffer can even help discover seeds for brand new decorative plants.
  2. Camel[4][5][3][6]:
    Camels are passive mobs introduced in the 1.20 update, the archeology update. They spawn near desert villages and are the only mob that can be ridden by two players at once. Camels are tall, allowing players to avoid attacks from normal-height enemies while riding them. They can be tamed and bred using specific items, and they wander around, avoiding obstacles. Camels also have the unique ability to climb 1.5 block-high walls without jumping.
  3. Squirrel[7][8]:
    Squirrels are passive mobs that can only be obtained through mods, such as the LotsOMobs Mod. They have 8 health points and naturally spawn in forests. Players can also spawn them artificially using a squirrel spawn egg. Squirrels may drop leather when killed and can spawn in gray or orange colors. They run around in forest biomes and do not attack the player, as they are not hostile.

These new mobs add more variety and excitement to the Minecraft world, offering players new creatures to interact with and new gameplay possibilities. Stay tuned for more minecraft new mobs as new updates release!


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