STARZ App For PS4/PS5 – How To Watch

There was an app called Starz Play where PlayStation 4 could stream Starz shows and movies. However, there is no longer a Starz app for PS4 consoles. And, unfortunately, there is no Starz app for the PS5 either. If you want to watch STARZ on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, you can use Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, or Netflix.

Can You Get Starz On PS4?

For all you gamers out there, you can download the Starz Play app on your Playstation 4 and use the app to watch your favorite movies and series. However, this option is only available in select regions (Middle East). You cannot get the STARZ app on your PlayStation 4 in the United States (as of writing).

What TV Apps Are On PS4?

Every mainstream entertainment app is available on the PS4. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, YouTube, and Twitch. There’s even Apple TV. But, there is no STARZ app on the PS4 or PS5. Here’s how to watch STARZ using different apps on the PS4:

Amazon Prime Video

With an Amazon Prime subscription, you can get Starz as an add-on. Then, you can watch Starz on your PS4 and PS5 using the Prime Video app. The STARZ add-on on Amazon costs $8.99 per month.


Likewise, Hulu subscribers can get Starz as an add-on for only $8.99. Then, all you need to do is download the Hulu app on your PlayStation and start watching. Hulu offers a free trial for first-time subscribers.


Netflix also offers a limited amount of Starz shows and movies. Netflix subscribers can watch the first two seasons of Outlander for no extra cost.

If you want to watch STARZ on other devices, check out our how-to activate STARZ tutorial. Please note that an active subscription to STARZ either directly or through your Cable TV provider is required for streaming.

Why Is There No STARZ App for PS4?

Until recently, there used to be an app called Starz Play that allowed PlayStation 4 owners to quickly stream their favorite Starz shows. Unfortunately, there is no longer such an app. It doesn’t look like there is an app in development.


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