10 Effective Ways How to Stop Finder Action on Mac

Finder is a tool to manage files that many users treat as one of the key features of a Mac. It runs with the Mac operating system, but sometimes, it slows down due to full storage or memory. Just like this, many reasons make Finder stop responding or work slowly. For example, corrupted system preferences, outdated third-party apps, and Finder’s poor configuration. Freeing up space on Macintosh HD cannot provide the solution every time. Hence, it is important to learn how to stop finder action on Mac. Here are some ways you can stop Finder on

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How to Bypass the Twitter Rate Limit

Twitter has implemented rate limits to maintain the stability and performance of its platform. These limits are applied to the number of requests per API endpoint permitted within a specific time window, often 15 minutes[4]. However, there are some workarounds that users have found to bypass the daily rate limits on viewing tweets. Here are a few methods: Please note that these methods are not officially endorsed by Twitter, and using them may violate Twitter’s terms of service. It is always recommended to follow the platform’s guidelines and respect the rate limits imposed to ensure fair

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