The Easiest Way To Watch STARZ On Amazon Prime

You can use Amazon Prime to watch Starz. You can add Starz via Amazon Channels if you already pay for Amazon Prime. If you already have a STARZ subscription, you can log in using your current info.

If not, you can subscribe through Amazon Channels or start a 7-day free trial. The best option is to sign up for Starz directly and then link your account to your Amazon Prime Video Channels account.

How To Add Starz To Amazon Prime

Go to your Prime Video account and select Channels to add Starz through Amazon. Then, select Watch With Starz. Type in your Starz login information. That’s it! You can now sign in to Starz on Amazon Prime and watch Starz on Amazon Prime Video.

How To Login To Starz With Amazon

Can I use the Starz app with Amazon Prime? Unfortunately, If you purchased a Starz subscription through Prime Video as an add-on, you can not use or log in to the Starz channel or site with your Amazon information.

You need to watch it on Prime Video to access Starz content. If you want to watch the programs on the Starz app, you need to cancel the add-on with Prime and resubscribe through Starz directly.

You can, however, use your Starz login information to add Starz to Prime Channels. We recommend signing up for Starz via their website and then using that information to add your account to Amazon Prime Video Channels. With a direct Starz subscription, you can stream thousands of different movies and original content, some of which are not available through Amazon Prime Video Channels.


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