How Much Does Philo Cost

Looking for an affordable live TV streaming service with popular channels? Check out Philo - it offers 60+ channels, cloud DVR, and more for $25/month.

Philo is a live TV streaming service that provides access to popular broadcast and cable channels[1]. Here is the information on how much Philo costs:

  • Philo’s subscription rate is $25 a month[2][3][1][4][5].
  • There is no contract or cable box required[1].
  • For an extra charge, you can add premium channels[2].
  • Philo TV has only one package and plan[3].
  • Philo provides 60+ live TV channels, a cloud DVR to record your favorite shows, on-demand, and more[4].
  • Philo is less expensive than other live TV streaming services, with only the most basic Sling TV package coming close[2].

In summary, Philo costs $25 per month and offers a variety of popular broadcast and cable channels, with the option to add premium channels for an extra charge.


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