How To Activate Twitch On Your PlayStation 5

Learn how to activate Twitch on your PlayStation 5 with these easy steps. Sign up for an account, download the app, and link your accounts.

Here are the steps to activate Twitch on your PlayStation 5:

  1. Sign up for a Twitch account and set up two-step verification to be able to sign in on your PS5[1].
  2. Download and install the Twitch app from the PlayStation Store[2][3][4][1][5].
  3. Open the Twitch app on your PS5 and sign in to your Twitch account using your login details[3][1].
  4. You will receive a unique QR code and an eight-digit code to link your Twitch account with your PSN account. Follow the instructions on your phone and select Link Account on your PS5 to complete the process[1].
  5. While playing a game, press the Create button on your DualSense controller and then select Broadcast from the Create options, and select Twitch. You can also select Broadcast from your customized Control Center[2][1].
  6. Use the DualSense controller mic for broadcast audio as well[2].

Alternatively, you can activate your device by going to and entering the code given to you by your device to link it to your Twitch account[6][5].

That’s it! You have successfully activated Twitch TV on your PlayStation 5, and you can now enjoy watching and streaming content from the platform.


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