How To Activate Twitch On Your Nintendo Switch

Learn how to activate Twitch on your Nintendo Switch and stream gameplay on Twitch with these easy steps.

Here are the steps to activate Twitch on your Nintendo Switch:

  1. Go to the Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch.
  2. Use the Search function at the top of the screen and type in “Twitch”.
  3. Select the Twitch app and click “Free Download”.
  4. Once the app has downloaded, you can watch Twitch streams on your Nintendo Switch[1].

If you want to stream your Nintendo Switch gameplay on Twitch, you will need a capture card. Here are the steps to stream Nintendo Switch on Twitch using a capture card on a PC:

  1. Purchase a capture card.
  2. Connect the capture card to your Nintendo Switch and PC.
  3. Install OBS or Streamlabs on your Windows PC.
  4. Link OBS to your Twitch account.
  5. Configure OBS settings for streaming.
  6. Start streaming on Twitch[2][3][4].

Note that streaming Nintendo Switch gameplay on Twitch requires a capture card, as the Nintendo Switch does not have built-in streaming capabilities[3].


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