How To Get Disney+ For Free With O2

Learn how to get Disney+ for free with O2! Check eligibility & add the offer as an extra when registering a new account or in My O2 offers/extras.

Here are the steps to get Disney+ for free with O2:

  1. Check if you are eligible for the offer. New and upgrading pay monthly customers can get six months of Disney+ on O2[1].
  2. Add the Disney+ offer as an extra. You can do this when registering a new account or by going to the ‘Offers’ or ‘Extras’ section in My O2 if you are an existing customer[2][3].
  3. If you are not a new or upgrading customer, you can still add Disney+ to your current plan by going to the O2 website and signing into your account[4].
  4. Once you have added the offer, you will receive an email and SMS with instructions on how to register for Disney+ [5].
  5. Follow the instructions in the email and SMS to register for Disney+ and start streaming your favorite shows and movies for free[5].


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