How To Share HBO Max With Family And Friends

Learn how to share your HBO Max account with household members and friends, including setting up profiles and using services like Together Price. However, there are limitations and risks to sharing outside your household.

Sharing your HBO Max account with family and friends is possible, but there are some limitations. Here are some ways to share your HBO Max account:

  1. Share with household members: HBO Max allows you to share your account with anyone within your household[1]. You can create multiple distinct profiles, which can be useful if you want your own watchlist or are watching the same shows as your roommates but want to pick up from different episodes or seasons and watch at your own speed[1]. You can create up to five profiles, but only three devices can stream at once[1].
  2. Share with friends: You can share your HBO Max account with friends outside your household by giving them your login credentials[1]. However, this goes against the terms of service, and if more than three people try to stream at once, you won’t get access to the service[1].
  3. Use Together Price: Together Price is a service that allows you to share your HBO Max account with friends and family[2]. You can log into your account, click on “Manage Account,” enter the person’s name, and select “Add To My Account” from the drop-down menu of services you want them to have access to[2].
  4. Set up profiles: You can set up to five individual profiles for immediate family members or members of your household[3].

It’s important to note that sharing your HBO Max account with people outside your household goes against the terms of service[1]. While it is possible to share the subscription with family members in another home, this does come with some additional risks[4].


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