How To Contact Crunchyroll Support For Help

Need help with Crunchyroll? Contact their support team via email, help center, live chat, Nintendo support, social media, or community forums. No phone support.

If you need to contact Crunchyroll support for help, here are some ways to do so:

  1. Email support: You can contact Crunchyroll support through email at[1].
  2. Help Center: You can visit the Crunchyroll Help Center to find answers to frequently asked questions or submit a support request[2][3].
  3. Live chat: According to a Reddit post, you may be able to speak to a real live person through the chat bubble at the bottom of the Crunchyroll Help Center page[4].
  4. Nintendo Support: If you need support with Crunchyroll on a Nintendo device, you can contact Crunchyroll support through the Nintendo Support website[5].
  5. Business inquiries: If you want to partner with Crunchyroll or have other business inquiries, you can send an email to[1].
  6. Social Media:
    • Reach out to Crunchyroll through their official social media channels such as Twitter or Facebook.
    • Send them a direct message with your question or concern.
  7. Community Forums:
    • Visit the Crunchyroll community forums.
    • Explore the forums to see if other users have experienced a similar issue and if there are any solutions available.
    • If not, you can create a new forum thread to seek assistance from the Crunchyroll community.

Note that Crunchyroll does not currently offer phone support[2].


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