A Comprehensive Guide to STARZ: History, Original Series, Exclusive Movies, Streaming Platform Options, Content Library, and More

Learn about STARZ, a premium cable and satellite TV network owned by Lions Gate Entertainment, offering original series, exclusive movies, and more. Discover its history, streaming options, content library, and family-friendly content.

STARZ is a premium cable and satellite television network owned by Lions Gate Entertainment, offering a diverse range of theatrically released motion pictures and first-run original television series[1]. This article aims to provide you with an in-depth understanding of STARZ, its history, original series, exclusive movies, streaming platform options, content library, and more. By the end of this article, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the value of STARZ as a premium entertainment provider.

History of STARZ

  • Founding of STARZ
  • Evolution of the network
  • Milestones and achievements

STARZ was created in 1994 as a multiplex service of Encore (now Starz Encore) [1]. Initially, the network focused on offering movie-based content, but it began to introduce original programming in 2005 to compete with rival pay TV services HBO and Showtime[2]. Over the years, STARZ has evolved into a prominent entertainment provider, operating six 24-hour linear multiplex channels, a traditional subscription video on demand service, and an over-the-top streaming platform[1].

STARZ Original Series

  • Overview of popular original series
  • Power
  • Outlander
  • American Gods
  • Black Sails
  • Spartacus
  • Impact of STARZ original series on the television landscape

STARZ has produced several critically acclaimed and popular original series, such as Power, Outlander, American Gods, Black Sails, and Spartacus[2]. These series have not only garnered a dedicated fan base but also significantly impacted the television landscape, showcasing the network’s commitment to delivering high-quality, engaging content.

STARZ Exclusive Movies

  • Range and diversity of movies available on STARZ
  • Notable movie releases exclusive to STARZ
  • Collaborations with renowned filmmakers

STARZ boasts an extensive library of exclusive movies, including Hollywood blockbusters, award-winning films, and timeless classics[3]. The network continually updates its movie offerings, ensuring that subscribers have access to a diverse range of films. STARZ has also collaborated with renowned filmmakers, further enhancing the quality and variety of its movie content.

Streaming Platform Options

STARZ offers various streaming options, including its namesake over-the-top streaming platform, which acts as a TV Everywhere offering for STARZ’s linear television subscribers and is sold directly to streaming-only consumers[1].

The STARZ app is compatible with numerous devices, such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and gaming consoles[4] However, it is not available for PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. You may also need to activate STARZ on any new device that you wish to link to your STARZ account.

Subscriptions and pricing for STARZ vary depending on whether it is purchased as a standalone plan or as an add-on through streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, AT&T TV, Hulu, Sling TV, and YouTube TV[5]. You can get a free trial and you can cancel your subscription at anytime.

Content Library

  • Extensive content library on STARZ
  • Categories and genres available
  • Availability of classic movies and TV shows

STARZ offers an extensive content library, with over 5,500 titles available, including movies, TV shows, original documentaries, and more[6]. The network provides a wide range of categories and genres, ensuring that subscribers have access to diverse and engaging content. In addition to its original series and exclusive movies, STARZ also offers a selection of classic movies and TV shows, catering to various tastes and preferences.


  • Explanation of STARZ Play feature
  • Benefits of using STARZ Play
  • How to access STARZ Play content

STARZ Play is a feature available through the STARZ app, allowing subscribers to watch on-demand shows within a few hours after they air and access the network’s entire library of movies, TV shows, original documentaries, and more[7].

The STARZ Play feature offers numerous benefits, such as unlimited downloads and the ability to enjoy content away from an internet connection[4]. To access STARZ Play content, subscribers can simply log in to the STARZ app using their account credentials. Subscribers can also download STARZ content for offline viewing on mobile devices.

STARZ On Demand

  • Overview of STARZ On Demand
  • Benefits of using STARZ On Demand
  • How to access On Demand content

STARZ On Demand is a service that allows subscribers to watch their favorite movies and TV shows at their convenience, without having to adhere to a specific broadcast schedule.

This feature provides greater flexibility and control over the viewing experience. To access On Demand content, subscribers can use the STARZ app or visit the STARZ website.

STARZ Kids & Family

  • Focus on family-friendly content
  • Selection of kids’ shows and movies
  • Parental control options

STARZ places a strong emphasis on family-friendly content, offering a wide selection of kids’ shows and movies[6]. The network also provides parental control options, ensuring that subscribers can easily manage and restrict access to age-appropriate content for their children.

STARZ Encore

  • Introduction to STARZ Encore channels
  • Variety of movies and series available
  • Encore on-demand options

STARZ Encore is a group of channels that offer a variety of movies and series, catering to different tastes and preferences[8]. In addition to its linear channels, STARZ Encore also provides on-demand options, allowing subscribers to access content at their convenience.

STARZ and Streaming Services

  • Integration of STARZ with popular streaming platforms
  • Options for accessing STARZ through other streaming services
  • Benefits and drawbacks of streaming STARZ through other platforms

STARZ is integrated with popular streaming platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video, AT&T TV, Hulu, Sling TV, and YouTube TV[5]. This integration allows subscribers to access STARZ content through their preferred streaming service, providing greater flexibility and convenience.

However, the benefits and drawbacks of streaming STARZ through other platforms may vary depending on the specific streaming service and subscription plan.


  • Recap of key points covered
  • Encouragement to explore STARZ and its offerings
  • Final thoughts on the value of STARZ as a premium entertainment provider

In conclusion, STARZ is a premium entertainment provider that offers a diverse range of content, including original series, exclusive movies, and an extensive content library. With various streaming platform options and compatibility with numerous devices, STARZ caters to the needs of modern viewers. We encourage you to explore STARZ and its offerings to experience the value it brings as a premium entertainment provider.

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