Best Movies on Apple TV+ You Can Watch Right Now

Discover the best movies on Apple TV+ right now, from award-winning dramas to animated features and music documentaries. Read on for our top picks.

Apple TV+ may not have the largest movie library, but it has a growing collection of high-quality films that are worth watching. From dramas to music documentaries and animated movies, Apple TV+ offers a diverse range of options. The streaming platform has even won an Oscar for Best Picture with CODA. In this article, we will highlight the best movies on Apple TV+ that you can stream right now.

  1. CODA (2021): This coming-of-age comedy-drama is about a hearing child in a deaf family who discovers her passion for singing. It won the Best Picture at the Oscars and is a must-watch.
  2. Sharper (2023): This mystery psychological thriller stars Julianne Moore as a con artist who scams wealthy men. It also features Justice Smith, Briana Middleton, and Sebastian Stan.
  3. Beastie Boys Story (2020): This documentary directed by Spike Jonze is a tribute to the iconic hip-hop group and their legacy.
  4. Boys State (2020): This documentary follows a group of teenage boys as they participate in a mock government program in Texas.
  5. Spirited (2022): This animated movie is a modern retelling of A Christmas Carol, featuring the voices of Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell.
  6. Causeway (2022): This drama stars Jennifer Lawrence as a soldier dealing with a traumatic brain injury.
  7. On the Rocks (2020): This comedy-drama directed by Sofia Coppola stars Rashida Jones and Bill Murray as a father-daughter duo who reconnect in New York City.
  8. The Tragedy of Macbeth (2021): This Shakespearean adaptation stars Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand in the lead roles.
  9. Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth (2020): This animated short film is a heartwarming story about a young boy who learns about the wonders of the world.
  10. Tetris (2023): This upcoming biopic stars Taron Egerton as the creator of the iconic video game.

Whether you’re in the mood for a drama, a documentary, or an animated movie, Apple TV+ has something for everyone. While the platform’s movie library may not be as extensive as other streaming services, it still offers a solid selection of high-quality films. If you’re looking for something new to watch, give one of these movies a try. Or, if you prefer TV series, read about the best TV shows on Apple TV+.


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