(Solved) Pixel 8 Not Connecting To PC

Follow these simple steps to fix a Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro that does not connect to your computer.

If your Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro is not showing up on your PC, there are several things you can try to fix the issue. Here are some possible solutions based on the search results:

  1. Check your USB cable: Try using another USB cable to connect your Pixel 8 to your PC. Sometimes, a faulty cable can cause connection issues.
  2. Clean your USB ports: Clean up your PC’s USB ports to ensure that there is no dust or debris that could be interfering with the connection.
  3. Enable file transfer: Make sure that file transfer is enabled on your Pixel 8. To do this, go to Settings > Connected devices > USB > USB Preferences > File transfer.
  4. Check your device manager: Right-click on the Start button and click on Device Manager. Expand Portable devices and see if your device is located there.
  5. Update your drivers: Make sure that your PC’s drivers are up to date. You can do this by going to the manufacturer’s website and downloading the latest drivers for your device.
  6. Check your developer options: Go to Settings > System > Developer options and turn on Use developer options and turn on USB debugging.

If none of these solutions work, you may need to contact Google support for further assistance.

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